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Savour Rice

Since rice forms the main constituent at ”Savour Foods”. We are, therefore very uncompromising when tackling the issue of quality. In-spite of paying big money we could never acquire the standard of rice we desired. When this happened repeatedly, we decided to settle this problem once and for all and Savour Foods started its own project of Savour Rice Mills back in year 2002. This has solved all problems and now not only our customers are satisfied but our pride as well.


Since 2002 with the introduction of mechanized rice transplant, system and rice combine harvesters, today we have the latest rice milling and processing facilities based upon technology. We give importance to modern and state of the art operational standards. To retain a lofty production level, our rice mill is set up with the latest technology. We have high tech processing equipment and control system that is responsible for the maintenance of quality. This system and our dedicated team of quality control managers work hard to bring the supreme quality rice to Savour Foods. In our mill we use computerized methods share and when applicable.

Rice Quality Control

The rice that we process is grown in the well known areas of Punjab. Punjab is famous for its quality soil for centuries that is why when our rice is cooked at different Savour Foods outlets, Savour Foods allied with the exclusive Savour Foods taste and aroma it becomes a piece de’ resistance.





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